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주문당일 발송 익일 배달...총알이다. 만듦새가 견고하고 월넛 색상이 무난하게 어울린다. LP 100장 정도는 이쁘게 정리된다. 다만 냄새가 너무 심하다. 가격을 생각하면 요구가 많을지도 모르나 머리가 좀 아프다. 집에 냄새를 뺄 기간동안 거치할 데가 있으면 추천할만하다.

I ordered the white rice and the rice of rice nurungji
I didn\'t have any special food because it has many health benefits
Just enjoy the delicacies
It was a visual similar to Nurungji that I could easily see anywhere
There\'s no style for you if you\'re so careful with what you see.
It was so good to see it, and mouth water began to spin
I think you\'re doing business with honest 2019/09/22 02:20
Gyeonggi-do Gwangju Restaurants Delicious! The taste of pounding your knees! You must go
The phrase Seomjin River Seonghwa was enough to attract many guests.
I think you made it yourself but the harmony was so good
Samcheongdong restaurant\'s recommended taste is Yogi! The taste of pounding your knees! Deliciously full ?
Seolleung station gourmet restaurant recommended here The taste of pounding your knees! Sar in the mouth
2019/10/19 05:46
Best Myeongdong Restaurants GOOD! Good mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth.
Namhae restaurant recommend here I do not know ???! ? I\'m sure I\'m hungry and delicious!
I had scissors and tongs so I cut it easily
Eulwangri clam grilled restaurant recommended over! Delicious and ?
Cheonho restaurant recommended GO G restaurant certification! It\'s delicious and full! It\'s really honey!
It\'s not seen or heard on the market 2019/11/19 05:24
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